More Plein Air

Today is my birthday! So I wanted to mark it by posting a painting. First one of the year, lets see how many I can do this year. I went to Garin Regional Park in the east bay a while ago and here is the result. I had a hard time that day because of the sun that was beating down on me, and illuminating the canvas from behind for a while. But super excited to go out that morning, got up at 5am and saw the sun come up! Good thing I had my paintin buddy with me or I don't think I couldn't mustered the motivation. The colors of the hills are mostly yellows cause all the vegetation is dead and dry this time of year. Hopefully I can catch it when things are green and do a side by side shot. I hope you're all not getting tired of seeing plein air paintings from me, I'll try and post something different soon when I have more time, just to switch it up a bit. Thanks for reading!