More MEGAMIND stuff!

I decided to post some more stuff from Megamind. At the top, Titan fighting Megaminds robot early development piece. I did some design stuff for Minion who used to be a little midget dude with a jetpack that was Megamind's right hand man. This is before his character changed into a fish, I really prefer the new design it turned out great! Also Some pre-vis for the Metroman museum I was working on this with Erwin Madrid and pretty much did the same shot as him as I was trying to design the statue, his turned out much better than mine. Under that is the museum store with a bunch of "Ubertoys" and memorabilia before they changed his name to Metroman. Then some more of the giant robot just a different take on it than the one I posted before. The Metrocity development was to show the contrast between Hals neighborhood and the skyscrapers. I put cranes on the rooftops because they are always rebuilding the city as the superhero battles constantly destroy stuff. These are all unfinished and could be a lot better. But I thought if would be fun to post what I did for people to see. Hope it doesn't hurt your eyes too bad. heheh... All images copyright Dreamworks Animation.