Megamind in theatres!!

I worked on Megamind right after finishing up Afro Samurai. I had the honor to work with some amazingly talented people who are also great friends over at PDI DREAMWORKS. You can see some of the artists in my links section. The look for Megamind went through some interesting takes. I did some early pre-vis/ look development so make sure you stay after and look for my name in the credits! heheh As you can see the giant robot looked much different at one point the piece on top was a collaboration between myself and Dermot Power. I used it in the key below for the scene where Titan is fighting Megamind in the city. The observatory piece was a collaboration between myself and Alex Puvilland. I will post more stuff later. Make sure you go see it!! and Buy the Art of book on amazon!! Some of my art is in it! Congrats to my good pals and everyone who worked on it! Great to see how this film came together! All work copyright Dreamworks animation.