SON OF JAGUAR Pitch roughs!

Almost 2 years before e actually made the Son of Jaguar VR short with Google spotlight stories, we did these shots for the beats of the story that Jorge was brewing up to help illustrate the ideas. As usual with these things, we had to work fast and get ideas across quickly hence the rough nature of these. I like what the spontaneity created. 

This thing was Jorge's idea through and through and we were just trying to help him tell his story as best we could with the new and limited medium of VR. It ha to render in real time on a phone, the google pixel 2. And one of the challenges with VR is that you can't frame compositions like we do in film,  it's like a mix between a game and a film that way. But he wanted to tell a story in this medium, because why not!? There are no rules to VR and in a lot of ways it's still being pioneered which is a fun challenge. One super creative solution he had to that was to isolate the story to the inside of a ring, as if you were the viewer looking on. You could look around if you wanted to, but like a real wrestling match, you want to look at the action inside the ring. So I thought it could eb a good solution to help the viewer feel like we were inside the lights of the ring, by darkening and blurring the background, so maybe you could just see lights of cameras and the first couple rows of people in the crowd. These shots are really the first take on that idea. 

Locker room with family rough flat.jpg
Jaguar vs LC roughFlat.jpg
Adrain Protects Jaguarflat.jpg
Triumphant fistingshot.jpg
SON OF JAGUAR roughs all1.jpg