Book Covers done for Harper Collins on bookshelves!

The Dark Gravity series, Arctic Code on bookshelves! 

The Dark Gravity series, Arctic Code on bookshelves! 

Arctic Code and Archie Greene book covers on the shelves! 

Arctic Code and Archie Greene book covers on the shelves! 

Archie Greene and the Magicians Secret Book cover art by Paul Sullivan. Published by Harper Collins

Archie Greene and the Magicians Secret Book cover art by Paul Sullivan. Published by Harper Collins

Arctic Code Cover art by Paul Sullivan published by Harper Collins

Arctic Code Cover art by Paul Sullivan published by Harper Collins

Arctic Code cover roughs by Paul Sullivan

Arctic Code cover roughs by Paul Sullivan

The Book of Life artwork!

These two paintings were done for the upcoming animated film The Book of Life releasing in theaters October 17 2014! I have personally had an amazing journey working on this film for the past five years with genius director Jorge Gutierrez and his awesomely talented wife and character designer Sandra Equihua! I have been Art Directing and Producion Dsigning along with Simon Varela. We were lucky to have an incredible team of talent to work with and help us develop the artwork for the film. I will add all of them in the links section under book of life artists once I gather all of their links. There will also be an art of book releasing just before the film  so keep an eye out for that, it will feature all of the awesome art from the team!

I will also probably be releasing the images in higher resolution later so you can see the characters better. But this is all that has been released so far, so keep checkin back as things pick up with the marketing of this film!


Some links where they are talking about it:

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Free Birds Art


Some Design work that I did for the film Free Birds(imdb page link). Here is the site link: This was fun stuff. I did a lot of work on the Time Pod; figuring out the launch sequence and what it looks like as well as the interior and exterior of the pod.
Also did some lighting keys, here is a sample of some stuff I did.


This was the piece nominated for an award in Spectrum 20. The competition was stiff and we didn't win this time, I was just happy to be included in the book and to be showcased and considered amongst the final five people in my category by the distinguished panel of judges and professionals. My work isn't usually geared towards the Spectrum genre so I am happy when I have the chance to do something that can somewhat fit into the fantasy genre. I love the fact that there is a community that showcases artists as they do and  respects the arts in this way. I wish there were more out there like this and geared towards other genres of art, it is definitely nice to see and great motivation for all who participate.

The nomination gives me hope and motivation to keep going. Congrats to all who were nominated and all the award winners! It was a great trip and much needed vacation! A day at the spa was just what the doctor ordered!

Dolls and Robots

This is a sneak peek character design that was developed by me and sculpted by the lovely and talented Brooke Howell. The design was developed to a point and I art directed it the rest of the way in clay. Brooke was awesome to work with and I can't wait to do more with her. Here is what we came up with, It's for a personal project. All images and designs copyright Paul Sullivan

1,000 likes on facebook!

Wow! I can't believe the amount of awesome support people, thank you very much for keeping up with my art! I've finally reached 1,000 likes on my Facebook art page!
If you haven't already "liked" it yet and want to see what I've been up to please do so, the more the merrier;)

Here are some more samples of the art is did for Sly Cooper. Starting from the top, a painted character lineup from Feudal Japan, and some crop ins of that. Then I thought it would be good to show the rough sketch idea I had before executing the designs. Then the Le Paradox design and some sketches to show the evolution of that one. Murray notes on his design. Some environmental stuff from the Arabia location breaking the style for that area down from simple shape ideas and colors to wide shot and medium shots of how that language applies on different levels. After, the rough lineup of all the bosses together, I wanted to loosely make them an homage to kill bill and the deadly viper assassination squad. Hope you like them! It's a lot of stuff but I was encouraged to show more because of the support everyone has been kind enough to throw my way. I appreciate it guys and gals, you're the best!

More Great Britain!

 I had the most fun on this location. For this post I wanted to include the process of creating and developing the final look for the location. It's fun to see the evolution, starting from just a rough little sketch idea to being more fleshed out. I just played through the final level and I have to say Mr Brian Keffer the 3d environment artist out did himself. I was super impressed. It really turned out nice! Hope you enjoy this one!

The Grizz and Toothpick

 I found my designs for The Grizz formerly known as ( Biz-markie) and Toothpick. I wanted to show some other random stuff like a pink version of the RC car. that belongs to Murray because I thought that one was funny. Hope you like!

Environments and Style guide

 Since people requested to see more environments, here are some more environment sketches and rough paintings. The images with a lot of rough color on them are exploration for the color relationships between the different locations. I mostly used these in the style guide along with other images, to help give everyone on the team a jumping off point. These were supposed to inform each location and how they relate to each other. I had a lot of fun doing them. Also posted an early matte painting for the Japan location, it was supposed to wrap around in a circle which is why the light is hitting the mountains at different points. It works when it wraps around but not as much as a stand alone image hehe. And of course, Tennesee Kid Cooper cause I couldn't resist. Hope you like them!

Sly Cooper Japan Character art

 Some character design from the Feudal Japan location of Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. From top to bottom. First pass lineup of some of the characters. Murray development art, Bentley and his alter ego "Rambo Bentley" and his RC. car. Crane Guard, El Jefe, Boar guard development, Rioichi Cooper designs and Sly in his boar guard armor.
I posted some sketches and then the final paintings for process and sometimes I like to look at the sketches.

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time!

 Sly Cooper Thieves in Time just hit the shelves today! It's worth a look. I will be posting my artwork for it on here and my facebook page.

These images are of the the gang, Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray. I also thought I'd start with the time machine as its an important part of the story one of the first things we see. I'll post in order of location so I don't spoil anyone's surprise... maybe;)

Keep checkin back in the upcoming weeks/months. Hopefully I won't bombard too much with this stuff, I'll try to break it up.

The Cave!

 Last year I was contacted by doublefine to help figure out the style/look of this project. It was being referred to as the cave project which I thought was going to have a name change but eventually ended up calling it "the cave" I did some style pieces and illustration of the hippie character and his lady. It was pretty fast work overall but I'm happy to show it. Congrats to everyone at Doublefine I just downloaded it tonight and started playing it! It's available on all consoles for download now! Go pick it up!

Sly Cooper Artwork

Some recently released Work from Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. More to come soon! This is just the beginning and not my best stuff but overall I had a lot of fun doing it and learned a lot about art and myself in the process. I hope you like it!

Imagine fx tutorial

I recently wrote a tutorial for Imagine FX. magazine on how to show action in your character designs. I went through a simple paint process on this character. They initially asked me to cater the article to creating action in your designs for a video game. I actually wrote it for another issue but didn't finish in time so it's in this one. Just a little back story. This guy is an albino headhunter from Borneo.  Check it out! you can find the issue here: